Building My Dream Team, One Gem at a Time: My Journey with Freelancing Gems


Wild At Heart Social started as a one-woman show. I juggled projects and client calls, and it was great – until I realised I no longer had the professional support a corporate environment provided. While I appreciated my corporate friends, they couldn’t understand the unique challenges of running a business.

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Freelancing Gems provided the community I never knew I needed. I found a group of inspiring female entrepreneurs who “get it” – not just the wins, but more importantly, the struggles of wearing multiple hats in a growing business.  It wasn’t just a supportive community; I fostered amazing friendships and connections as well.

Furthermore, through Freelancing Gems, I met Fleur. Her guidance and one on one support helped me refine my vision and set even higher goals through the FG mastermind program. I’m incredibly grateful for her mentorship.

As my business demands increased, I needed to prepare for maternity leave. I reached out to Chloe, Marie and Amelia for short-term support. 

Their expertise was a lifesaver, allowing me to focus on the joys (and challenges!) of welcoming a new family member while keeping projects on track. 

However, post-maternity leave, the reality sunk in – my business thrived on the momentum we’d built, and I required ongoing help on a contractor basis. I tried various avenues like Facebook groups, but I couldn’t find the right fit. 

Through Freelancing Gems Directory, I found my dream team:

Arlene, Websites: Builds truly breathtaking website templates. 

Chloe, Virtual Assistant: Keeps everything organised and streamlined, ensuring our projects run smoothly. 

Tina, Graphic Design: Elevates every client project with visuals that stop the scroll. 

Chelsea, Copywriting: Crafts words that resonate with your ideal audience. 

The best part is that you can achieve this too! If you’re considering expanding your team, I highly recommend Freelancing Gems. 

The supportive community, the diverse talent pool, and the mentorship programmes can all be instrumental in your business growth.

If you are thinking, but what’s the first step to find support, it starts with looking at your business and what help you need,  what can be outsourced and what skills would free up your time to be strategic in your business. Once you have that clear, it’s then looking for the gem that is the right fit for your biz. Good luck and I’d love to know who you find! 

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