Burnout at work: Has ‘Burnout’ Replaced ‘Busy’ As The New Badge Of Success?

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The New Work Order report by Freelancing Gems and the Urban List

82% of Australians believe they have experienced burnout at work and 29% believe burnout is an inevitable part of achieving success, a new study by women’s jobs site Freelancing Gems has revealed.

The New Work Order report surveyed more than 8000 people via indie Publisher The Urban List, examining changes in workplace motivations and the cultural shifts around how we 9 to 5.

CoFounder & CEO of Freelancing Gems, Fleur Madden shared that “What we know for sure and the study backed up, is the 9 to 5 is dead for employees and their unrest has exposed structural weaknesses and opportunities in how we work.”  she said.

“As a result, businesses and employees must adapt to cater to the shifting expectations of the workforce, especially in such a critical job market. With a large percentage of candidates searching for flexibility and 13% sharing that they are considering leaving their current job to start freelancing/consulting in the next 12 months, the opportunity for employers is to meet the market, or continue to struggle with finding suitable talent.’

Urban List’s Head of Brand & Culture Sophia Wilcox, shared that “82% of people experiencing burnout is an astounding statistic and one that is potentially problematic. It could be an indicator that ‘burnout’ may be replacing ‘busy’ as the new badge of workplace success. This highlights an urgent need for businesses to educate and support their employees by setting clear expectations and managing priorities”.

This insight presents a significant opportunity for savvy and evolving businesses to attract and retain the best talent if they truly listen to what people want from work in 2023 and beyond. The data also highlighted the importance of flexibility in the workplace, with 88% of respondents stating that the ability for flexible working arrangements is important in any role for them in the future. In fact, 52% would look to resign from their current role if flexible working options were no longer available.

The study exposed that the working population is restless and looking for any reason to change roles or careers. 1 in 4 shared that getting meaning or a sense of purpose through the work they do is their priority. This is an opportunity for brands to help people identify their own purpose and articulate how they can align with their values by nurturing their growth and development, wellness or financial acumen.

Burnout at work in The New Work Order report by Freelancing Gems and the Urban List

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