Calling All Freelancers, Kickstart Your Side Hustle With This Epic Digital Hub

By Morgan Reardon for Urban List

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While all industries were struck hard by COVID-19, one of the biggest blows was dealt to freelancers and in particular females who account for 55% of all jobs lost.

But as we slowly emerge from the other side of corona, it’s time to start making plans for your future, and fortunately there’s help available.

Enter Freelancing Gems, Australia’s only job platform and community for female freelancers.

Launching this August, the hub was founded by Fleur Madden who wanted to provide a platform for Australian employers to find these ‘rare gems’ of talent in one place.

“I read an article that said female consultants charge 38% less than our male
counterparts which I found particularly alarming given the equal pay for equal work and pay
disparity conversations that are so important. Apparently, women didn’t feel they had the
right tools or information to charge what they are worth,” says Madden.

Which is why Madden is using her almost two decades of experience as a CEO to create a hub that both protects and fosters talent. And while she couldn’t predict a world-wide pandemic happening, Madden says the timing of Freelancing Gems is actually bang on.

“Statistically the group in society to take the largest toll during COVID-19 is women. More
women than men have lost their jobs during COVID and more women will re-enter the
workforce in a part time capacity,” Madden says.

“There will be women that have never consulted before that will be joining the gig and we are also here for them to guide them. There is no doubt that any inequalities in society that existed have been magnified.”

So how does it work? Simply head to the Freelancing Gems site here to register—more than 500 women joined the waitlist within 24 hours of the site going live.

From there you’ll be set up on their digital platform allowing Australian employers to find you for potential gigs. Plus you’ll have access to Freelancing Gem’s business tool kit and support network to help grow your business.

No matter if you’re a female freelancer, consultant, sole-trader or side hustler across any industry, this beauty was made for you.

This article by Morgan Reardon first appeared in Urban List.

Image Credit: Mengwen Cao