Fireside chat with Dr Heidi: Do you really know your boobs?

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Do you know your breasts, like really know them? So well that you could identify a change in size, shape or colour? If the answer’s not a hard and fast ‘Yes!’ then we need to talk.

Breast cancer is now the most common (non-skin) cancer affecting Australian women today. In fact, one in seven of us will develop breast cancer sometime in our lives. But it’s not all doom and gloom, as Australia has one of the best rates of breast cancer survival in the world, partly due to our breast screening programs.

Mammograms have been proven to save lives, finding abnormalities when they are small and easier to treat. They’re recommended and free for women aged over 40, but only 55% of us take advantage of the program. So why do the rest of us shy away from these lifesaving checkups? Why do we love or hate our boobs? And what do we need to do about the one in seven of us that will experience breast cancer in our lifetime?

Dr Heidi Peverill is a Specialist Breast and Melanoma Surgeon, with an interest in breast preservation and reconstruction. She cares for women and families at high risk of breast cancer, taking time to listen and understand what is important for each patient.

Dr Peverill is a passionate advocate for breast cancer prevention and is on a mission to improve breast education and awareness in young women.

Join us for this free evening fireside chat between Freelancing Gems CEO Fleur Madden and Dr Heidi Peverill for the most important conversation you may ever have about your boobs.

Fireside chat details

Date: Tuesday, 24 August

Time: 6 PM AEST

Location: Online via Crowdcast



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