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With an annual headhunting subscription, you’ll unlock immediate access to connect with skilled, available female talent across all industries. From temporary contractors to expert consultants, find the talent you need to suit your business demands.

  • The Headhunter subscription is perfect for the small to medium business owner or hiring manager looking for skilled, available talent to help manage and grow their business. You’ll receive a complimentary job ad listing valued at $180 to get you started, and be able to view Gem ratings from other employers.
  • The Community membership is for the woman in full-time work who is looking for community and connections. Maybe you’re running a side-gig, thinking of switching to the freelancer life, or love where you are and what we do. Join now and upgrade later, when you’re ready to take the leap.

Need more reasons?

  • Save time by headhunt available talent across ALL industries
  • Place job ads and reach expert talent quickly with our intelligent talent matching technology
  • The connections are yours to keep
  • We don’t take commissions or a clip of the ticket


The Freelancing Gems membership doors are currently closed. Watch this space for a new and exciting membership offer available soon.

Angela Mogridge

Freelancing Gems allowed me to quickly post jobs easily.


We immediately attracted quality talent and those that applied were all great candidates. I was able to find our new Head of Marketing and she is THE perfect fit for our team.”