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Image of Non-Disclosure Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement


Protect yourself with this NDA template in both word and PDF files.

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Image of Member Orientation Guide

Member Orientation Guide


Welcome to your Freelancing Gems membership.

Image of From Startup to Scale Up

From Startup to Scale Up


This essential guidebook is your bible to starting and growing a successful business.

Image of All Industries Rate Card

All Industries Rate Card


Start charging what you’re worth with this all-industries rate card.

Image of Contract Agreement

Contract Agreement


Word template contract agreement covering all the essentials to help you get paid on time.

Image of Negotiate Like a Boss

Negotiate Like a Boss


Try these tips next time you have the opportunity, and negotiate like a boss.

Image of Achieve Publicity

Achieve Publicity


Top trade secrets you need to put yourself up in lights & attract work.

Image of Business Development

Business Development


This checklist outlines the steps you need to take to improve your business development game.

Image of Building a Personal Brand

Building a Personal Brand


Your guide to becoming a known force in your industry.

Image of Define Your Leadership Style

Define Your Leadership Style


This worksheet will help you define your leadership style and where you need to evolve.

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