Strength in Sisterhood

With the Freelancing Gems Sisterhood Member-Matching Program, we aim to take away the feeling of isolation that can come with working for yourself. Our team will match you with a Gem who is on a similar business journey as you to champion each other, and offer advice and support.

You might uncover your:

  • New business partner
  • Mentor
  • Or friend you’ve always needed.

Access to the Freelancing Gems Sisterhood is available to Ruby and Emerald members.

Gem Tanya
on her connection with Jasmine

“I sent a video message and then we scheduled a call and we totally connected. We felt a bit like kindred spirits.”


Gem Jil
on her connection with fellow member Tara

“Tara has been freelancing for a long time & I’m only two years in, so she’s been a great source of advice and support.”