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When you join Freelancing Gems, you’re gaining confidence, connections and community.
We are the only Australian job platform and community for females of the gig economy
that showcases the Rarest Gems of talent across ALL industries.

Whether you are a side hustler, an experienced consultant, considering freelance for the first time or actively building your empire, we have a membership that will work for you, with the tools, coaching and opportunities you need to level up.

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Take a look at the Pink Sapphire membership if you are starting out in this exciting new chapter, Ruby if you have some runs on the board, but need to step it up, or Emerald if you are an experienced businesswoman wanting to grow your business and scale.

Pink Sapphire
  • Gain work with unlimited access to apply for roles on the Jobs Board
  • Business profile on the Talent Board
  • Build connections with unlimited access to connect with hundreds of fellow freelancers and consultants across all industries
  • Member-only event invitations
  • Monthly online masterclasses
  • Exclusive member-only Facebook Community Group
  • Tailored member-only business tools and resources valued at $550:
    • Member Orientation Book
    • How-to Guide: From Startup to Scale Up
    • All Industries Rate Card to ensure you’re charging what you’re worth.
$15 /month
billed annually for $180
  • All Pink Sapphire and Ruby inclusions
  • Invitations to exclusive Emerald member events
  • Opportunity to access prime position on Talent Board
  • Featured as Gem of the Week across website, email & socials to 30k audience
  • Ultimate Emerald business tools valued at over $1500:
    • Business Development Checklist
    • How-to Guide:
      Build a Personal Brand
    • Worksheet: Define Your Leadership Style
$30 /month
billed annually for $360

Strength in Sisterhood

With our Sisterhood Member-Matching Program, we take away the feeling of isolation. Our team will match you with a Gem who is on a similar business journey as you to champion each other, and offer advice and support. You might uncover your new business partner, mentor, or friend you’ve always needed.


  • Join the tribe with the member-only Facebook Group
  • Gain access to regular online events & discussions

Connect, work, grow.

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Read the stories and reviews from our members on what it’s really like to join the Freelancing Gems community.


Melissa, freelancer
Adjective Digital

“I’m amazed by Freelancing Gems. I have had an extremely fast ROI after signing up, with a 100x return on my membership fee in the first 2 weeks of joining.


Female freelancers and entrepreneurs, you are not alone! You now have a community to connect, share, learn and grow with and I’m so excited about the future ahead. I believe in Fleur and her team behind Freelancing Gems. It’s different to anything else.

Founded by women.

Created for women.

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