Foundation Member Series: Designer Brittany Wright

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Designer Brittany Wright

Freelancing Gems is ONE! We’re going to be celebrating this milestone all month long and we hope you’ll join us on the journey as we stop for a second to celebrate the wins, highlight our foundation members and share some wonderful memories.

In this Foundation Member Series, we’re introducing you to some of the pioneers to walk through our virtual doors and discovering what the last year in business and their first year as an FG member has looked like for them. Meet Brittany Wright, she always loves to create and design to help your business creatives. Her skills and services span across design, layout, illustration, branding, photoshop, animation, web design, presentations, and more.

Brittany Wright is a freelance designer, illustrator, web designer, and more relating to creatives. She always have passion to create and helping businesses grow and succeed through their branding and marketing. Hailing from Armidale NSW and now living with my family in Brisbane QLD, Britt grew up around small business. She is experienced in services across design, layout, illustration, branding, photoshop, animation, web design, presentations, and more. Britt can also organise printing from business cards to large format and have a professional network of photography, video, translation, and copy-writing suppliers should the task requirements.

“Being part of freelancing gems has absolutely being a game changer for how much I charge. So when I first started I was doing it all wrong. I was trying to charge what I thought people wanted to pay me. But now I charge what I’m worth.” – Brittany Wright

What led you to join Freelancing Gems?

I was new to the freelancing world after being made redundant in 2020 while pregnant with my second son. I didn’t have much of a network and was looking for job leads.

What has being part of Freelancing Gems brought to your life?

Freelancing Gems has brought so much to my life. For starters, job opportunities. This has come from direct job postings on the platform, people finding me on the platform, the network I’ve built through FG, and connections of connections I have met at FG.

I have gained so much confidence in networking and meeting new people in business. I have made connections and friendships through the events. Gained knowledge and skills from the webinars and events. Gained the ability to charge what I’m worth.

How have those things impacted your life, family, business?

I have been able to continue freelancing which is amazing for my family life meaning I can work around my two young sons. It has impacted my business as I have gained a lot of tools and knowledge and great connections to lean on for projects that require them.

What sort of roles are you interested in? Ie freelance, consulting, projects, part time, remote.

Freelance, Projects, Part time and remote. I’m open to any exciting new opportunity.

What are you seeking at this stage in your career?

Flexibility to work around my family life and opportunities that lead to  business and personal growth.

Has being part of Freelancing Gems made you think about how you charge? And have you given yourself a pay rise?

Yes definitely. I increased my hourly rate when I first signed up and got the rate card and am about to make the next increase. I also reconsidered different ways to charge including packages and day rates which have been game changers.

What is one word you would use to describe FG?


So if you have a project that needs doing, chat with Britt and see how she can turn your ideas into a beautiful, impactful reality. You can connect with her on the Gem Directory. Not a member? Join now.

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