Four key tips to combat talent shortages

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Talent shortages top challenge for businesses

If you are struggling to fill a position right now, I promise you, that you aren’t alone. Labour shortages are the top challenge facing businesses right now, according to the 2022 Business Leaders Outlook report by J.P. Morgan. “Hello, where are they hiding?” you might be wondering…

The employers winning the war on talent are listening carefully to what candidates want and are progressive in their recruitment approach. Forty-one per cent of survey respondents said they relied on outside consultants to combat the labour shortage – even more reason to consider freelancers as part of your business model.

So how do you combat the war on talent? Here are the four key changes successful employers are making to their recruitment practices:

  1. Employer brand: In such a competitive landscape, why will candidates choose your business over another and how are you displaying that? Revisit your employer brand strategy with these questions in mind.
  2. Perks and culture: Revisit your employee perks and workplace culture because, newsflash, no one cares about the office fruit bowl and pool table anymore. But they do care about your hybrid work model, learning and development opportunities, and your diversity and inclusion policy.
  3. Job advertisements: Instead of simply focusing on what you are looking for in your job advertisements, also focus on why working for you would be attractive for candidates and how it will benefit their career – let’s all say it together, “employee value proposition” is key.
  4. Flexible work: You might be sick of hearing about it, but it is constantly the number one driver for employees in this new post-Covid world. It’s time to focus on outcomes not hours attached to a desk.

We live and breathe these key focus areas every day and our team is here to guide and support your recruitment efforts, from freelance and contract roles, to now part-time and full-time positions via our Gem Recruitment team. I want to share that our recruitment team has had a 100% success rate on all permanent placements, averaging 5–7 days to deliver candidate shortlists. So where is the talent hiding? Maybe within the Freelancing Gems database!

Connect with us to discuss your talent needs for the rest of 2022!

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