Freelancing has been the best work of my career

With Tiffany Dimmack, Podcast & Sound Producer

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This week we had a chat with Tiffany, Podcast and Sound Producer and our latest Gem of the Week, to hear about her motivations for choosing the freelance life and why it’s ended up being the best work of her career.

Q. How and why did you start freelancing?

I was made redundant 6 years ago, it was the first time in my career not having a full time job.

In the weeks leading up to the redundancy, I’d actually seriously been considering resigning and working for myself, so it felt like fate (as cheesy as that sounds).

I was made redundant on a Friday afternoon and by Saturday afternoon I already had some clients.

It’s a lot of hustle, late nights, weekends, public holidays but it is so rewarding.

My freelance business is constantly evolving either to suit where the industry is going or my own personal aspirations. There’s no rules on what my business can be.

I love being able to manage myself, work on so many different projects, and also work at times of the day when I’m feeling most creative, for example, I tend to do a lot of mixing at night.

What started out as a way to survive, ended up being the best work of my career.

Q. What are you working on right now?

I’ve just started the sound design for Season 2 of the podcast Search Engine Sex with my amazing agency, Audiocraft. Search Engine Sex is is Spotify’s first original podcast and just won an Australian Podcast Awards for Best Sex & Relationship Podcast 2020.

I’m also working on Season 2 of a podcast called Creative Responders for Creative Recovery Network & mid production on a beautiful radio diary style piece for Project O/Big hART both with the Audiocraft team.

You can listen to Season 1 of Search Engine Sex only Spotify, and Season 1 of Creative Responders wherever you get your podcasts. Project O/big hART will be available as a podcast and also air on ABC next year.

Also mid way through Season 14 of Confessions of a Train Wreck and a personal project with a friend.

And because that’s not enough to juggle, I’m also “project managing” the construction of a bespoke recording studio in Balmoral. It’s a really exciting step in my freelancing career. It will be a beautiful space for me to produce & create, as well as record voiceovers. It will also be available for anyone to book to record interviews for podcasts, narration or even a quiet space with professional microphones to host online workshops or meetings.

Q. Who is your dream client?

Honestly, I think I’ve found them, I’ve absolutely loved working on Search Engine Sex, it’s an incredible team and they have so much trust in me to create the sound of the podcast.

I think it’s some of my best work and I’ve had so much creative freedom to bring my own production style and sound to the series.

I’d love to do more field and travel recording eventually, I was in Melbourne in March working on a podcast for Audible, which we obviously had to cut short due to coronavirus, but I really enjoyed that area of audio as well.

Perhaps a field recording trip to Italy one day 😉

Tiffany is one of our Freelancing Gems. Connect with her on the Gem Directory for your next sound project.