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Tired of working in isolation and craving more support in your business?

The Gem Academy Mastermind Mentoring program is for you. Hosted by FG CEO Fleur Madden, the 6-month group program features expert speakers who have supported Fleur in her career. From goal setting to business growth strategies and accountability support, apply now for the next Brisbane
cohort and join the waitlist for the virtual program.

No matter where you’re at on your career journey, this mastermind program will help you create and scale the business you dream of.

This is the place for you.


  • You have big dreams for yourself and your business. You want to up the ante and achieve some big goals this year.
  • You want to earn great money and create an incredible impact, and you’re willing to go all in to get there. 
  • You want to work smarter, not harder – making the time you spend in and on your business count toward your monthly revenue.

This is the ultimate group coaching program to help you break the $100k plus mark and scale your business. Learn step-by-step the business structure, systems and strategies to scale your business from where you are, to where you want to be.

Get ready for more freedom, impact and income. This is the place for you.

Your roadmap to success


The Mastermind Mentoring Program is a 6-month curated group coaching program. The curriculum of each program is carefully crafted to suit the cohort, with only 20 spots available in each group. Here are the core elements covered in the program:

  • Review and reset with a 90-day business strategy, 12-month goal and vision boarding exercise with Fleur. PLUS Goalsetting and resilience workshop with guest coaches.
  • Lessons on how to pitch your brand and win clients with Fleur. PLUS Multi-channel marketing workshop with guest coach.
  • Live pitch practice and feedback session, building your sales pipeline with a 12-m client hit list and defining your revenue goals with Fleur
  • How to push through capacity limits, scale your team and support your growth strategy with Fleur. PLUS The commercial terms and legal processes you need to protect your growth strategy with guest coach.
  • Define your leadership persona, learn how to lead your clients and identify where you need to evolve with this leadership exercise with Fleur. PLUS Leadership workshop with guest coach.
  • Grow a financially sustainable business with these cashflow models and negotiation tips with Fleur. PLUS Money mindset and forecasting workshop with guest coach.

Our promise to you


✔️ We are here to hold your hand and keep you accountable to action the steps it takes to get your business to where you want to be.
✔️ We promise to grow your revenue and to keep supporting you until you do.

Emmagness, Marketing Consultant

“When I signed up for the Mastermind, I didn’t quite know what to expect. A mistake I made when I started my business a few months ago was getting advice from people that have never run one. I want to succeed and I know that to do that, I need help – from a person who actually knows what they’re talking about.

In our first session, there was so much energy, vulnerability, and honesty in the room that I knew I had found “my tribe”.

There was a lot packed in 3 hours with so many key takeaways but the one thing that I immediately put to practice was how to present a proposal to a client and how what sounds like a no initially could be a “maybe later”.

Putting this into practice, I’ve secured my 1st client in my 3rd month of business and have started creating a pipeline. I’m more confident than ever that this is what I’m meant to be doing.

I’m surrounded by women who understand what it’s like to run a business and the advice, tips, and listening ears that I’m getting from being part of this mastermind are worth the investment I’ve made and so much more.

If you have big audacious goals but are not sure how you’re going to achieve them, I encourage you to join immediately, it will be the best investment you’ll make for your business.”

Hi, I’m Fleur Madden, your new Business Mentor.


An award-winning businesswoman, experienced CEO and Founder, recognised industry expert and women in business speaker with two decades of experience running my own businesses. I started my first company, a PR agency, The Red Republic at 23 and I sold it 14 years later to a multinational. In that time of owning Red, I scaled the business from just me to a team of 50 with offices in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney and Los Angeles.

Along my journey, I have built and acquired other businesses, including the online beauty e-commerce brand Lulu and Lipstick that I sold in 2016, just after landing my makeup brushes in the Oscars gift bags.  I have sat on an international board and since selling The Red Republic in 2018, I have been advising other CEOs on growth strategies. It was during this time that Freelancing Gems as a concept started to come to life.


Over the last five years, I have been coaching CEOs and founders in a 1:1 format with businesses at every stage – from start-ups to scaling, to successful exits.


I have spent my whole career leading teams of women, being passionate about the advancement of women at work and creating opportunities for women to grow and evolve.

You might have seen me pop up over the years in articles in The Collective, Marie Claire, Latte, Today Extra, Studio Ten and The Urban List. I have spoken at conferences around the world, including at home here in Australia as well as in Hong Kong, LA, NYC, Atlanta and South Africa.

I am also a mum to Josiah and Theodore and wife to Jimmy, I lived in NYC in my early 30’s, love Pina Coladas and have a Camilla fetish.

My favourite saying driving me at Freelancing Gems is “Don’t Play Small.”


So let’s not play small, join me in this mastermind to take your business to new heights. 




Are you stuck right now?

Struggling to get to the next milestone?

We all start our own businesses to have more flexibility and time and earn good money. But sometimes it just isn’t working, despite our efforts. 
Things just aren’t firing like we want them to. Or consistency is an issue – some months are great and others are a little slow. 


The time is now to invest in you and your business.


We are here to hold your hand and keep you accountable to action the steps it takes to get your business to where you want to be. 
I Want to Join

Recent guest experts

Alison Maher Alison is an Iron-woman and self-professed ‘goal digger’ who is passionate about inspiring others through her sporting journey to achieve their personal and business goals. She holds degrees in Law and Economics and is a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Tax Advisor and admitted solicitor.
Cherie Canning Cherie Canning is a passionate optimist, an avid traveller and the Founder and Director of Luminate Leadership. ‍ With almost two decades of leading and developing leaders, Cherie's authentic communication style and engaging workshop content continue to deliver results and leave a lasting impact.
Laura Furiosi Laura Furiosi (aka Bossy Mummy) will be our guest speaker for "How to Leverage Podcasting and TikTok for Your Business." She co-hosts and produces the highly acclaimed "The Divorce Course Podcast," consistently ranking in the Apple Podcast Charts globally. Her engaging TikTok videos have amassed hundreds of thousands of views, showcasing her exceptional communication skills and unique content creation approach. As the co-creator of the "DIY Divorce Blueprint," she empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of divorce.

Want to access the career of your dreams? 


From goal setting to business growth strategies and accountability support, apply now for the 6-month program commencing in early 2024.


Here’s what’s included in your investment:
  • A 30-minute 1:1 welcome call with Fleur Madden to discuss your business, where you are at and the challenges or barriers currently in your business 
  • Monthly 3-hr group coaching workshop with Fleur Madden
  • Expert guest speakers across the program 
  • Build your business network 
  • Monthly tangible action points to propel your business forward 
  • Accountability for actioning 
  • Voice note coaching from Fleur Madden – Submit your questions and challenges for personalised responses with group learning off all questions asked 
  • A private Group chat group for the Mastermind group to connect, troubleshoot and support each other
  • Business tools, templates and worksheets

Alanna Ball, The Safety Team

“I’m excited to be a part of the mastermind as the level of support amongst the women from week one has been amazing.


I can see the learnings shaping up already to take my business to the next level.


With the guidance of Fleur and the guest speakers, I have no doubt about where I can take my consulting business.”

Stop hesitating.
Stop procrastinating.
Stop thinking you are not worth it.

You are the one that can take the action, the step forward to creating and fine-tuning the business you want. 
Step up and step in to this coaching program to help you get there. 
I'm Ready

Join the club

Crystal Club

For the aspiring freelancer who is experienced in their craft or established freelancer ready to break the $100-150k revenue mark.

  • Do you struggle with inconsistent income?
  • Are you earning $0-150k/year?
  • Are you offering an array of services but need help finetuning to those that are most profitable and scalable?
  • Are you wanting to work smarter, not harder?
  • Do you need help with cash flow and revenue forecasting?
  • Wondering where your next client is coming from?


Investment $499 per month for 6 months

Sapphire Club

For the experienced consultant with an established business ready to accelerate their growth.

  • Ready to grow your viable sustainable business but not sure how?
  • Already hitting $150k annual revenue and want to kick your next revenue goal?
  • No more space in your books and need a plan to grow?
  • Ready to take it beyond a solo business?
  • Or are you working with sub-contractors but ready to build a team?
  • Ready to step up as a the leader of your business?


Investment $599 per month for 6 months

Got a question?

Yes all the monthly sessions will be with Fleur and we will have guest speakers also presenting on specific topics. 

Yes, you sure can. We will set up 6 monthly payments linked to your credit card.

Once you apply, we will be in touch to organise your program set-up and schedule your 1:1 welcome call with Fleur. 

For the Brisbane in-person program, we will send you the relevant worksheets for that session via email plus a phone recording of any guest speakers so you can watch in your own time. 

Our virtual program will be recorded via zoom and available to watch on demand.

For the Brisbane program, each session is held at our Brisbane office located in Stones Corner. 

The virtual program will be delivered via zoom.

There are only 20 places available per group. This is a curated curriculum with a small container size so you get 1:1 advice and support.

This is the program for you.


  • Are sick of where you are at and want to change your business trajectory?
  • Want to get some clear direction on how and where to scale your business?
  • Want to refine your services and build a sustainable sales pipeline?
  • Need help with the systems and strategies to get you there?
  • Ready to stop stalling as you don’t want to be in the same position next year? 
  • Are ready to make decisive changes to your business?
  • Want to get clear on where your business actually sits right now and define your revenue model?
  • Want to be surrounded by inspiring women who are building their businesses alongside you?
  • Ready to get confident in the direction of your business?

Community is the biggest business strategy you’re overlooking.


Running your own business can be liberating – you’re in charge of your day, the hours you work and the clients you work with. It’s also terribly isolating and lonely at times. In fact, 80% of us are working alone, and in almost all cases, we’re working in our homes, isolated from our business communities.
The good news is, that founders like Fleur Madden are breaking down these barriers of isolation by building collaborative, supportive business communities for women just like you.


In a recent interview, author and international speaker Simon Sinek spoke about how if we were to time travel back a few decades it used to be that we got our sense of community from our neighbours and our sense of purpose from Church – we knew our neighbours, had BBQs with them and work was just somewhere you went to make a living and pay the bills. 

Over the course of time, Church attendance is down, we don’t talk to our neighbours and we’ve become insular. 

All of this disconnection in so many areas of our lives has now placed a need on work to be the place where we can find a sense of belonging, purpose, community and friendships. 


This is why the Gem Academy Mastermind Program is delivered in small curated groups.

Apply now


Applications for Brisbane are open now for August 2024 cohort.

Interested in the virtual program?

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Freelancing Gems is an intelligent jobs marketplace that champions freelancers and founders, fostering connections for growth and empowerment. When you join Freelancing Gems, you’re gaining confidence, connections and community. We are the only Australian jobs platform and community for females of the gig economy that showcases the rarest gems of talent across ALL industries.

Whether you are a side hustler, an experienced consultant, considering freelancing for the first time or actively building your empire, we will support your business journey, with the tools, coaching and opportunities you need to level up.

Our job is to facilitate introductions and connections with people who are committed to diversity. It’s then over to you to make magic happen.

Founded by women.

Created for women.

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