Here’s how to write successful job ads [5 tips]

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Write successful job ads

Do you know what the most successful job ads have in common? They definitely don’t use cutesy terms like guru, ninja or wizard. In fact, job ads with these titles tend to receive fewer applications, especially from women. They may seem fun and trendy, but you’re most probably alienating high-quality applicants that find these terms a turn-off.

Leave the creative writing for another project, and get serious about your job ads with these five tips for writing successful job ads that are sure to attract stand-out talent.

Here are the tips you need to include in your next job listing:​​​​​​​

#1 Start with a clear and concise job title specific to your target audience.

Avoid ‘guru, wizard, ninja’ and similar terms in your job title. Although fun, quirky and cute, these terms have actually been shown to put people off applying for the role, especially women. Leave the creative writing to the experts and put your energy into creating a clear and strong job title that speaks to your target audience. With a clear job title, applicants can  For example, in marketing

#2 Share your business story

In this candidate-led market, applicants are skimming through loads of job listings in search of the right fit. They want to understand what it’s like to work with you, and the values and benefits specific to your workplace – You can update these details from your profile here. Consider outlining ‘a day in the life’ of an employee or contractor in your job listing, to give potential candidates a sneak peek at their future role. Share your company or workplace values to give you a better chance of connecting with talent that aligns with your company culture.

#3 Be realistic

When listing the role or project requirements, don’t get carried away with the list of skills – it’s not a wish list. Extensive required skills lists can overwhelm and scare off applicants. Is it realistic to expect a contractor to be an expert copywriter, graphic designer, social media manager, event planner and photographer? And do you really truly need someone to have 5+ years of experience in your industry? Many contractors are industry agnostic, especially copywriters or graphic designers, who are particularly adept at applying their skills to any product, topic, or industry. Stick to the core competencies of the role or goals of the project and explore the additional skills on your wishlist once you hit the interview stage.

#4 Be transparent

Job ads that display the project budget or pay rate receive more qualified applications, reducing your time to recruit. Need some pay advice? We can help with that.

#5 Be flexible

Over 45% of women who left their jobs last year, did so in search of flexibility, as reported in our latest Women on the Rise industry report. Offering remote or flexible work opportunities is essential to winning the war on talent and improving workforce participation rates for women.

When you next have a role or project come up in your business, put these tips to the test and post your job ad here. And if you’re looking for more support to find talent, we’ve got the team to help with that – here’s how it works.

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