In fact, I consider it to mean I have double the exposure

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Meet Nicki, a passionate Human Resource Director, offering over 15 years of local, regional and global HR Management experience. With a solid background of demonstrated HR transformational success, she has paved the path as an innovative and forward thinking HR Leader.

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to someone who is waiting to take the leap to work for themselves?
You don’t have to leap; you just have to take the first small step. It can be incredibly scary moving from a permanent paid role to a freelancing gig, particularly financially. I wasn’t (and still am not!) ready to fling myself into the freelancing world full-time, so I made small and measured steps towards building Peoplee into a successful and financially secure gig. That meant trying to balance paid employment as a HR Director, as well as growing Peoplee client base at the same time…. It can be hard work, but it is paying off, and neither my permanent role, nor Peoplee have suffered – in fact, I consider it to mean I have double the exposure!

Best tips for winning new business?
I have found that winning new business is all about your product and service offering and pricing, as well as your relationships. All the big contracts I have secured through Peoplee have come to me through word-of-mouth or referral. If you do great work, charge a competitive price, and ensure that your client relationships are nurtured – you’re most of the way there! Advertising for me is a very small part of my overall success factor in winning new business (and for $40 a click for google ads, not something I can afford long term!), I much prefer my valued clients passing on my details to their networks and growing organically through quality services. I have also won business and expanded my networks through Freelancing Gems!

What has been your favourite client/project you’ve done to date?
I have a wonderful client, Cudmore Legal, who engage my services by way of a retainer package. I am a ‘HR Manager in their pocket’ so-to-speak. I am available to them at any time to assist with ‘peoplee’ matters such as recruitment, disciplinary matters, organisational change, or just as a sounding board for the Directors should they need to talk any staff matters through. They are such an innovative and creative group of lawyers, who do Family Law and Human Resources differently, and I’m so pleased to be working with them.

Who is your dream client?
My dream client is any client who shares and encourages my ‘out of the box’ ways of approaching HR in their organisation. People are diverse, so the way we approach people and culture in businesses should be equally diverse. I love working with clients who want to do things differently, and who truly want to make their businesses the best places to work!

What is a business win you’re currently celebrating? 
I have recently been nominated for 3 different awards/recognition opportunities which is so completely mind-blowing. The Australian Human Resource Institute ‘Dave Ulrich Practitioner Award’ (a hugely coveted HR Industry award), two AusMumpreneur Awards (Services for Women and B2B), and the Mumpreneur Movement Magazine CoverWoman opportunity (a chance to grace the cover of the Mumpreneur Movement Magazine and talk about my story!)

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