About Ever Australia Pty Ltd

Proudly founded in Sydney, Everau is a premium brand that focusses on quality, craftsmanship and on-trend designs that elevate any wardrobe. From our humble beginnings making the iconic Australian sheepskin boot to our evolution into a multi-faceted label, we create sophisticated pieces that stand out.

We’re a firm believer that comfort doesn’t mean compromising style. We pride ourselves on our innovative designs and a timeless approach to our craft— sourcing premium materials and meticulous workmanship to ensure every piece is long-lasting.

While we have maintained a long heritage of being an Australian brand, Everau has a global appeal that makes its contemporary designs highly coveted. In the dynamic world of fashion, our vision still stands today: creating enduring pieces that have a contemporary style and considered approach to design.

Everau strives to create the perfect product by blending classic craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques. We employ the finest standards, utilising a variety of premium finishes and materials.

From grade A Twinface Sheepskin, Swarovski Crystals and 3M coatings, to our Eversole™, Everlite™ and Evergrip™ products, all of our exceptionally high-quality materials are carefully selected and refined to deliver a truly unique product.

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