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About Nurtured Education & Care

We at Nurtured Education & Care strive to provide an inclusive, safe, warm and loving environment that cares and protects young people. We promote forward thinking by believing children grow, learn and develop with encouragement and mental stimulation.

We aim to provide a home away from home that is inclusive to each child’s development and needs.

We believe in a professional and holistic approach that focuses on a child’s sense of wellbeing in a stimulating environment. We use the voices of management and educators to continuously reflect and mould the service to cater to not only the children, but also the educator’s strength, capabilities and professional experience – therefore shaping curriculum decision making. At Nurtured Education & Care, we believe in promoting a sense of belonging and agency, scaffolding each child’s learning and development.

Nurtured Education and care promotes play-based learning, we believe in providing opportunities for children to learn and play whilst discovering themselves with our support combined with the value of their family’s culture and influence.

Our team consists of highly trained and respectable childcare professionals that advocate the rights of a child. They coach, lead and investigate by using their personal attributes, characters, goals and dreams. They are able to form intangible connections with children and families, follow home routines, mentor and support parenting in home settings and also become the backbone in which families need in raising their children.

Our team uses the National Law and Regulation, National Quality Standards and Early Years Learning Framework to provide the stepping stones children need to become successful contributors of the world.

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