Masterclass: How to master your finances for the new financial year ahead

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Hnry Money Masterclass

One of the most daunting challenges many freelancers face is setting themselves up from a financial admin and tax perspective. Freelancers are challenged with questions like: what entity structure should I use? How do I invoice clients? How do I chase up payments? How do I track my expenses? And the most dreaded of all – how do I lodge my BAS returns every quarter and tax returns every year?

The new financial year presents the perfect opportunity to review the way you handle your tax and finances. Thankfully we have secured some experts to guide you through how to master your finances for the new financial year ahead.

James Fuller is the CEO and co-founder of Hnry. Being self-employed and having to deal with the burden of tax and financial admin led James to create a simple home-made system for calculating and paying his taxes. After a few friends asked to use the same thing, James got together with co-founders Claire and Richard to create Hnry – a service designed to eliminate all financial admin for freelancers and contractors.

Danielle Williams is a Tax & Finance specialist at Hnry. As a Chartered Accountant, Danielle has experience working at PwC and loves to see individuals take control and develop an understanding of their own business finances.

Together, James and Danielle will help answer:

  • Why it’s so important to get set up right for the new financial year

  • Why there are so many different entity structures and which one you should choose

  • How to handle your daily finances whilst keeping an eye on the long game

  • How to make sure your accountant and accounting software are the right fit

  • How to automate the whole process, so you never have to think about tax again!

If, like many business owners, you tend to shy away from your finances and cringe at the sound of ‘EOFY’ then this is the masterclass for you. Join us to discover how to master your finances for the new financial year ahead and ensure your money is working for you.

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