Masterclass: Legal Lessons for Creative Entrepreneurs

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As creative entrepreneurs, designers, writers and artists, managing the administrative elements of your business is most probably not your forte. But our latest guest presenter knows all too well what goes wrong when you leave the details to the ‘professionals’. 

Christine Moody is one of Australia’s leading brand strategists. She is the founder of brand management consultancy, Brand Audits, and author of Designer Law School, a book written to help creative entrepreneurs navigate the legal issues affecting their daily business. 

Christine has always been entrepreneurial. She started her first business while still in art school and grew it into a successful company, with her husband and children by her side. But it all came unstuck in 2009 when after discovering her finances were a complete mess, despite employing a top tier international accounting firm for the past 30 years, her business was gone and the family home stolen from her – by a life-long friend. 

Five years later, with some major life lessons under her belt and solid understanding of the legal system, Christine was able to sue that so-called friend. She has now encased her lessons into a motivational framework full of ‘good-to-know’ tips and tricks on avoiding legal pitfalls and protecting your business.

In this free one-hour masterclass, with the wit and wisdom born of long experience, Christine will share her legal lessons on:

  1. The legal issues affecting your daily business
  2. Understanding and respecting your contracts
  3. Finding the right lawyer and being a great client
  4. Understanding your Intellectual Property 
  5. What to do when things go pear-shaped

Didn’t make it? Watch the recording now.