I Am Self-Made Crystal Candle


The I Am Self-Made Crystal Candle with rose quartz is for self-love, confidence and harmony in your career. You are grounded in success.

Rose Quartz is a powerful healing crystal that radiates self-love. The crystal keeps you grounded in your success to help navigate stressful situations with confidence and bring harmony to your career.

The crystal's energy elevates the space it occupies and raises the vibration of your home or office.

To set your intention, burn your candle, bring your focus to the crystal and repeat your intention. To recharge your crystal leave your candle in the moonlight. For some real magic, leave them out under a full moon.

  • Fragrance: Rose, Tobacco & Oud
  • Crystals: Rose Quartz
  • 100% Sustainable Soy Wax
  • Large white glass vessel
  • Candle burn time of 60+ hours
  • Handmade in Sydney, Australia