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I am someone who is passionate about being a business owner and passionate about running a business that represents my core passions and values at the same time show cases my high-level administration experience that is transferrable across many platforms.

I am fiercely protective of what I do and who I do it for. I will safeguard and carry out tasks for you like they are for my own business and work with you to help you compliment your daily operations so you can get on with other tasks

I am flexible, adaptable, scalable and reliable and also proactive! I will communicate with you when it is necessary and also when I think I can offer your new ideas or more innovative ways of operating - this doesn't mean I will try to take things over, I will use my confidence and knowledge to help you make things run smoother!

I love all things Administration! I also love learning new skills so am open for any challenges or opportunities that may arise!

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