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Hey! I'm Kath!
I'm a little bit straight talker, little bit magic, and a whole lotta passion for your business.

I have worked across a breadth of industries from TV production, to developing my own bakery brand, to marketing and brand strategy.

I have created hundreds of coaching programs, websites, and marketing / social strategies for coaches, consultants and high potential talent.

I was a start-up founder of One of Many - an international women's leadership company, and helped grow it to 30,000+ clients in a few short years.

Consulting to other service professionals I have worked from high level vision/ strategy down to channels strategy - in everything from coaching to mortgage broking, to 'return-to-work', recruitment, HR, travel, architecture/ interiors, personal brands, finance/ accounting, yoga studios and loads more!

My passion is the strategy and messaging cohesion, and infusing your personality into you strategy and customer experience. After all you are unique and no one does it like you - and people want to follow people, before they follow your ideas or products! So I love digging into the uniqueness first, and everything else follows!

Got a clunky team, or bits of info everywhere, or maybe you're a coach/ consultant with a bunch of different ideas/ certifications? I can help with my unique gift of synthesising information from high-level to tactical, and uncover the unifying purpose and designing strategies (be it content, business, marketing or brand) to create a cohesive and aligned tactical plan.

I am also a trained journalist and have an interest in human psychology, so that makes me a pretty engaging sales copy writer. I can produce video, podcast, and training programs. I'm an excellent salesperson / sales trainer if I care about what I am selling.

In a nutshell - my genius zone is my intuitive gift at unearthing your unique contribution and packaging it as your edge, and helping you sell it!

I'm bits of the package and the whole package - whatever you need!

Favourite Quote
"Life can be much broader, once you discover that everything around you was made up by people that were no smarter than you."
Steve Jobs
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