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Central Tablelands
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Danica Bunch is the visionary leader and Director of DanicaB PR, a prominent regional Australian PR agency that has achieved global recognition. With her exceptional leadership qualities, Danica has steered the company towards remarkable success.

Danica's unwavering commitment to aligning PR strategies with clients' business objectives sets her apart as a true visionary. She possesses a keen ability to analyse the industry landscape meticulously, allowing her to craft comprehensive PR plans that drive success. Her expertise lies in positioning businesses to capture attention and resonate with the right target audience, both locally and internationally.

Danica challenges the norms of the PR industry. She has revolutionised the traditional agency model by introducing innovative services like sweat equity percentages and custom retainer and project packages. This bold approach has opened up new opportunities for clients and solidified DanicaB PR's position as an industry trailblazer.

Danica's leadership extends beyond delivering high-quality results. She fosters a culture of trust and collaboration within her team, ensuring they become trusted extensions of clients' teams. Her strategic PR and communications solutions not only engage audiences but also create a lasting impact both online and offline.

With her extensive multi-disciplinary experience across various industries and business sizes, Danica brings invaluable expertise to the agency. Her strategic vision and exceptional leadership have enabled DanicaB PR to thrive regionally while serving a global client base. Danica's relentless pursuit of innovation, coupled with her consistent delivery of exceptional results, has firmly established her as a visionary leader in the PR industry.

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