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I worked in Media Agencies for 25 years on large multinational accounts, spending millions, sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars every year on advertising. As a small business, my budget for advertising isn’t even 10% of what I used to work with (I wish). As an e-commerce business owner (and mum of 2 small kids) I had to work out what was going to make the biggest difference to my business in the most efficient way – from a time and financial perspective. I see the strategy work I did in my own business and recently for others, as a way to set clear direction every year, every quarter, every month, and every day. Not having a solid plan means you are on the endless hamster wheel of “Should I be doing this?” But get it right and it is a way to grow your business and increase your productivity.

How I can help you in your e-commerce business:
- Develop your business blueprint – the architecture for how your brand operates and goes to market
- Establish the marketing strategy in line with your business strategy and goals
- Plan advertising activity that achieves visibility across the entire funnel
- Establish a strong content strategy and plan that adds value and drives brand objectives

Working together, we can establish a strategy that can be opitimsied over time, that can grow with your business, and that will keep you on track to deliver on your goals.

Favourite Quote
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
Lao Tzu
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