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Hi, I'm Isabel, the owner of Fairyfox Digital. Originally from Singapore, based in Adelaide, I took tbe plunge and changed careers in my 30s from life sciences to digital marketing.

I bring an analytical mindset with a dash of creativity in all of my client work. It's resulted in my proven track record of boosting social media growth as well as executing engaging content strategies that resonate with people.

With 4+ years of experience in social media management across all platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok, I've decided to niche down into my zone of genius. That's content creation, copywriting, content repurposing and Instagram and Pinterest marketing.

My business journey has been a fun one; I've had the opportunity to connect and work with people from all over the world. I've repurposed videos for handstand coaches in the UK, managed Pinterest accounts for a lifestyle brand in Portugal as well as a Sydney artist, and my first gig was social media management for a festival fashion label in Adelaide.

If you're looking for your next digital marketing expert, don't be shy! Reach out and I'll be happy to chat x

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