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Hi, I'm Tracey. I help Business Owners simplify their business to make more profit without the stress and struggle.

I had my first business – selling lavender satchels for your underwear drawer – when I was just 7 years old with a friend. I’ve always loved business and being my own boss, making my own way in the world. And I’ve come a LONG way from selling lavender satchels to find my true potential in the world.

In 2004, I became a Business Coach, but I soon discovered that my style was very different. In a room of business coaches, who were generally men in their 50’s, wearing dark suits, I stood out like I was wearing pink – sometimes literally wearing pink! I found that most coaches overcomplicated business. They focus so much on the strategy and profits that they forgot that the business is run by a REAL person, with a REAL family, with REAL fears and feelings and REAL hopes and dreams.

I found my place in the world. Helping business owners juggle business and life, building confidence and getting out of overwhelm, stopping the stress and struggle and then IMPLEMENTING practical and simple strategies to build their business.

When it comes to business, there is nothing basic about the basics.

For the last 16 years, I've been working with business owners all over the world - from the Solopreneur through to International Franchise Groups - through strategy sessions, coaching, training and speaking. I'm even a best selling author.

The "How" is my speciality, backed up with down to earth, practical strategies that build confidence that are tailored to the business owner, not some 'cookie-cutter methods' or 'one size fits all'.

Worried about lock in contracts? I don't have them... I tailor everything to the person I'm working with and sometimes that is as simple as a single strategy session.

I love working with Business Owners who have no idea how great they are and seeing what happens to their business (and themselves) when we unlock their true potential.

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