Sales Administrator
What I do best

I am an efficient and highly driven Leader, whose professionalism, reliability and hard-working personal ethic have granted my organizations considerable success. I have a sharp ability to understand what is needed to improve operational procedures utilizing the newest and most effective technological tools on the market, combined with the dedication and commitment required to see complex projects through to successful completion.

Equipped with formal education specific to Sales Administration and extensive hands-on experience, I am well-positioned to make meaningful contribution to the growth of any organization.

My Strengths Include:
 Program & Project Leadership
 Client Support
 Complex Documentation / Reports
 Content Strategy
 Written, Verbal, and Presentation Skills
 Data Analytics
 Interdepartmental Networking
 Creative Problem Solving
 Team Training & Mentorship
 Risk Management
 Ability to Meet Tight Deadlines
 Integrity & Reliability

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