How to Communicate Family Obligations at Work with FG Recruiter Jen Sanderson

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ambitions with motherhood

Tell us a little about you? 

I am Scottish, warm, a straight-talker, and deeply care about getting it right for both client and candidate.  I love exploring all the beauty Queensland has to offer, am an F45 addict, a foodie, and a proud mum to two wonderful mini-humans. Match-making talent is my passion and I love giving remarkable people the opportunity to thrive!

I have recently joined the Freelancing Gems team and I will be handling Freelancing Gems end-to-end recruitment process, client relationships in the recruitment space, and all things talent-related. You’re go-to to find the work you want and the talent you desire!

How do you balance/juggle your ambitions with motherhood?

Being a hands-on Mum is really important to me. I want to be at the sports events, school presentations, and little life events that are important to my daughters. I decided when I returned to the workforce that I needed a workplace that could be super flexible and trust that I will always get the work done, and meet deadlines but I need to prioritise family life. It’s true that the time goes by so fast when they are little and I want to be a part of as much as I possibly can, whilst also continuously growing my career!

Do you have any favourite story about being a mum? 

One of the best moments of being a Mum for me was my younger daughter Skye’s kinder graduation. Skye has an obsession with high heels and dressing up. I told her on that day she had to wear her graduation gown and kinder shoes like the other kids. Little did I know she had secretly packed her bright blue sparkly high heels in her backpack and changed into them just before she walked out on stage to the entire kinder graduation crowd. The whole room burst into laughter as she strutted across the stage. I was so proud of her for being herself and letting her little personality shine through!

Jen and her daughters

As an HR Specialist, what are your 3 tips on how you communicate family obligations to clients/employers?

  1. Be human and be honest -I think if you come from a place of honesty you build better relationships. I have always worked for employers who know they can rely on me and trust me because I am honest with them always. When I am struggling to juggle something to do with my children I put my hand up and I’m honest about it. It means I can work with my employer to come up with a plan of action quicker and 9 times out of 10 it’s a super easy fix to fit it all in.
  2. I’m strict with my availability. If I am attending a children’s event or I’m in a position where my daughters need my attention I ensure I am not on my phone and distracted. To ensure this works for my employer though I am really clear and specific about when I can talk and when I can’t. Again making sure we prioritise time for calls in a manner that’s organised rather than a frantic rush.
  3. Plan ahead – Like most things in this world, organisation is key. If I have upcoming kids events or pick-ups I need to attend for example I give my employer as much notice as possible. That way it allows me to plan work around this time and still ensure there is enough time to fit everything in and get it done.

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