the new
work order
The New Work Order report, commissioned by Freelancing Gems, explores the deeper needs and wants that are motivating people when it comes to how they work and why they choose the companies they work for and work with.
The New Work* Order examines changes in workplace motivations and the cultural shifts around our 9 to 5.

The Future of
the 9 to 5


Rapid cultural and technological shifts prove that how we work—where, when, why and with whom—has and will continue to evolve rapidly over the next decade, bearing little resemblance to how we work even today. 
Workplaces will be more diverse, dispersed and digital than ever before. Big corps to family businesses will need to learn to adapt in order to cater for shifting employee expectations.

The Gender
Pay Gap


The New Work Order report surveyed over 8000 workers and employers across Australia and 39% of working women reported feeling unfairly remunerated. Furthermore, 30% of all respondents said they believe there is a gender pay gap in their organisation.
The gender pay gap, now sitting at 13% across the country, is still a major concern for many workers. When it comes to higher income earners earning more than $120,000+, the New Work Order report showed men are twice as likely to take home the bigger paychecks, which is in line with the national average.  

Has Burnout Become
the New ‘Busy’?

Urban List and Freelancing Gems have conducted a survey of over 8,000 people exploring The New Work* Order—which revealed that 82% of respondents believe they have experienced burnout at work, and 29% believe burnout is an inevitable part of achieving success. This is an astounding statistic and one that is potentially problematic.
It could be an indicator that ‘burnout’ may be replacing ‘busy’ as the new badge of workplace success. This highlights an urgent need for businesses to educate and support their employees by setting clear expectations and managing priorities.


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