Why freelancers are the answer when you need more staff quickly

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Written by FG Recruiter

As employers, I think there would be very few of us who could say we haven’t been in a situation where we have so desperately needed all hands on deck. Things are overwhelming and quality input feels low because there just aren’t the hours or resources to invest what’s needed. As much as I empathise, my advice in these circumstances is not to make snap decisions around recruitment. A bad permanent hire can lead to a world of pain and rob you of even more hours (that you didn’t have in the first place). 

Here is a snapshot of what a bad recruitment decision could cost you in these circumstances: 
  • The skillset of the candidate isn’t right so the training process takes a lot longer than expected 
  • The cultural fit isn’t right and this causes internal HR problems that are costly and time-consuming 
  • You’ve paid recruitment fees that you may face paying all over again because of a reactive recruitment decision 
  • You’ve wasted onboarding resources that could have been put to better use in the business 

My advice instead is to take the time to run a quality recruitment process to ensure a quality result. Don’t take shortcuts and miss-steps. Ensure that when you are looking for your permanent person you don’t compromise on thorough interviews, second and final interviews, reference checking and psychometric testing. Find your diamond person and do so knowing that when you make that offer it’s the right one. 

So what’s the solution when you needed someone yesterday? Freelancers or contractors. Simple as that.  We have a huge database of freelancers looking to assist businesses in these positions at Freelancing Gems. An hourly or daily rate can be agreed upon easily and typically the freelancers are ready to go immediately. This means that one of these gems joins your business to support your project, contract or whatever it may be so that you don’t have to rush the process of finding your permanent person. 

What are the advantages of using a freelancer during a busy time: 
  • These guys know what they are doing and how to hit the ground running
  • Typically freelancers are available to start immediately or at minimum don’t have long notice periods 
  • The arrangement suits them as much as it suits you – and they want to deliver results fast (because that’s what they do!) 
  • The cost of a freelancer in your business for a few weeks will be a whole lot less than a recruitment fee to run a permanent placement twice  

At Freelancing Gems we’ve got you covered in both of these circumstances. We have a pool of freelancing talent waiting to assist your business and help put out whatever fire is burning. We also offer permanent and contract headhunting packages to support you to find the perfect match for your business! 

Learn more about how Freelancing Gems can help you find your next superstar(s) here and get in touch with our recruitment team to support your growing business. 

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