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As a freelancer and founder, the community you build around yourself makes all the difference to your success. Build a network that will support, champion and elevate you. 


Freelancing Gems offers the ultimate digital membership to support your business success.


You’re leaving money on the table.

As women, we experience unique challenges in business. On top of the staggering national gender pay gap of 13.3%, women typically undercharge for their services, undersell their experience and hold themselves back from applying for work until they meet all of the criteria.
In fact, recent reports show that women charge up to 50% less than their male counterparts in freelancing and consulting. The good news is, that founders like Fleur Madden and Kirsty Jackson are breaking down these barriers and improving workforce participation rates and pay parity for women just like you.


The Freelancing Gems membership is your ultimate business growth tool with access to work, talent and hands-on, tailored support. 

Your support team

Fleur Madden, CEO Fleur has spent her whole career creating opportunities for women to thrive at work. She has over 2 decades of experience in launching, scaling and selling businesses and supports women on their business journeys with mentoring and coaching. Fleur's motto driving her at Freelancing Gems is "don't play small".
Kirsty Jackson, Marketing & Product Manager Kirsty is your resident tech and marketing expert. A true supporter of working mums, she has a point of view on women’s issues, the future of work for women and how mums make major contributions in their careers while doing the mum juggle.
Alex O'Callaghan, Community Manager Alex is your personal accountability coach, career consultant and advocate. She is available to cheer you on and to give you that supportive nudge when you're holding yourself back from opportunities.


Ready to step into your power?


Membership plans

The Freelancing Gems membership is your ultimate business growth tool with access to work, talent and hands-on, tailored support.

Gain access to thousands of businesswomen, hundreds of work and connection opportunities and valuable business templates, coaching programs, networking events and online learning. Find work opportunities with the Freelancer membership, or scale your business with the Founder membership. And for the woman in full-time work, either seeking community or corporate recruitment support, here’s how it works for you.

  • The Freelancer is perfect for freelancers and consultants looking for short-term projects and contract work. Load your talent profile, apply for roles and connect with fellow members to get seen, get work and get paid what you’re worth.
  • The Founder is right for the founder or small business owner looking for learning opportunities, community support and talent to help grow your business. Build your community with access to member networking, scale your business with coaching, education and accountability support and find the talent you need to grow.
  • Small business, enterprise or employee? Here’s how it works for you


The Freelancing Gems membership doors are currently closed. Watch this space for a new and exciting membership offer available soon.


While you wait, gain access to our free resources below to get you started on your freelancing business journey.

How to Start Freelancing in 10 Days

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got the checklist for that. Download this free checklist to gain the steps for how to start a money-making freelancing business in 10 days.

Freelancer Rate Guide

When you join Freelancing Gems you gain instant access to the Freelancer Rate Guide covering over 50 roles across six industries. Get started with a sneak peek at the most popular roles with this free preview.

“Freelancing Gems has been my absolute knight in shining armour in 2021. You’ve helped me build my side gig into a sustainable, full-time business. 


What’s unique about Freelancing Gems is that the businesses whose jobs I apply for have the same values and aspirations that I do. We click so well and we’re all here doing our bit to make the world a better place.


I love that!”


Codie, Freelancer

We're making an impact

Freelancing Gems is an intelligent jobs marketplace that champions freelancers and employers, fostering connections for growth and empowerment. When you join Freelancing Gems, you’re gaining confidence, connections and community. We are the only Australian jobs platform and community for females of the gig economy that showcases the rarest gems of talent across ALL industries.

Whether you are a side hustler, an experienced consultant, considering freelancing for the first time or actively building your empire, we will support your business journey, with the tools, coaching and opportunities you need to level up.

Our job is to facilitate introductions and connections with people who are committed to diversity. It’s then over to you to make magic happen.

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Created for women.

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