What it's like on the inside

Hear the stories and reviews from our members on what it’s really like to join the Freelancing Gems community.


Caroline Attwood


“Freelancing Gems has been an essential lifeline for me in my first year of business as a freelancer.


 Their resources are incredible, the events are really inspiring and most importantly of all, a lot of my clients have discovered me on their platform.


I owe a lot of my business growth to them!”

Merendi Leverette

Business Strategist 

“Since joining Freelancing Gems only a few short months ago I have made some great connections with some amazing women.


I find Freelancing Gems is very different to a networking group. They are truly supportive of their members and will champion each and every one.


They are passionate about educating, empowering women to start and grow their own freelancing business, but they are also big believers of collaboration and ensuring women are supported in every aspect of their business.”


Melissa, freelancer

Adjective Digital

“I’m amazed by Freelancing Gems. I have had an extremely fast ROI after signing up, with a 100x return on my membership fee in the first 2 weeks of joining.


Female freelancers and entrepreneurs, you are not alone! You now have a community to connect, share, learn and grow with and I’m so excited about the future ahead. 


I believe in Fleur and her team behind Freelancing Gems. It’s different to anything else.

Karen, employer

Brand 4 Profit

I had everything at my fingertips!


I was in desperate need to find a savvy copywriter to help us deliver a huge brand project. Within hours of posting the job ad, I had multiple qualified contenders in my inbox ready to go. 


The talent was so hard to choose from that I ended up hiring two Gems to help with the project.


I couldn’t recommend Freelancing Gems highly enough. This is such a successful and spot-on service!”

“We are all on that same mission to get paid, know what we’re worth, and build that network of like-minded women.”


Isabel Wetten
Personal fashion stylist

“I was a foundation member and joined to make new connections and seek new work after 2020 was a shocker for my business!


I’ve gained work from two new clients since joining the platform and the lovely April often emails me directly if jobs matching my skillset come up on the board. I have attended 2 events which were both very well organised and a great way to connect with like-minded women.


The platform is a brilliant idea and something I wish was around when I first started freelancing.”

Rochelle, employer

Share the Dignity


“Brittany was a dream to work with.


She exceeded my expectations, which is just a rare occasion nowadays.


The whole process was seamless.


Thank you Freelancing Gems, we are so happy.” 

“I think at Freelancing Gems membership is one of the best things that you could get yourself.”


Jil Hogan
Journalist and Copywriter

Codie, freelancer

Little Blue Digital

“Freelancing Gems has been my absolute knight in shining armour in 2021. You’ve helped me build my side gig into a sustainable, full-time business. 


What’s unique about Freelancing Gems is that the businesses whose jobs I apply for have the same values and aspirations that I do. We click so well and we’re all here doing our bit to make the world a better place.


I love that!”


Jaimie, employer

Bloom Money

“We engaged FG to help us find a marketing person after feeling so overwhelmed about trying to do it all myself.


Mel from Adjective Digital gave us so much clarity in her digital strategy and is the perfect addition to our team. She is so creative, fun and talented.


We love having her as part of our extended Bloom Money team.”


“When I first started, I was doing it all wrong, I was trying to charge what I thought people wanted to pay me. But now I charge what I’m worth.”


Brittany Wright
Designer and Illustrator

Megan, freelancer

Megan Zischke, Virtual Assistant

My experience has been fantastic!


In the few short months I have been a member of FG, I have gained work opportunities and have made long lasting relationships.


The women I have connected with so far have been fantastic to work with. We share similar values around paying/charging our worth and understand the importance of women supporting women. Working with these women has completely changed my perspective of the freelancing world and has empowered me to be of service to more women around me.


Chloe, employer


April and the ladies from Freelancing Gems have been extraordinary in helping me find the right EA for my business. 


After exhausting my network, posting on Linkedin and other platforms, I lost hope in finding the right person who would be able to meet my expectations. 


Then I joined Freelancing Gems and met my ‘right hand’ Megan. Megan responded within a short period of time and started two days after. 


The platform is user-friendly, intuitive and the talent listed is of high calibre. 


Thank you to the team at Freelancing Gems for sending me the perfect fit. I’m so grateful, and would highly recommend the platform.


Female founded.

Female made.

Female run.

Hands up if you’re with us.