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Freelancing Gems was founded in Brisbane, Australia by Fleur, Kirsty and Amanda – three ambitious ladies who were at the top of their industries and came together at a stage where they knew they had a lot to offer women to help them start, grow, level up and scale successful businesses.

They also knew from experience that employers were struggling to find these Rare Gems of female talent. So they brought it all together and Freelancing Gems was born.

Fleur, our CEO, was constantly being asked to recommend talent across a variety of consulting roles, as well as to share the business tools she had developed over almost two decades within her own businesses to help other female founders. It was becoming increasingly obvious to Fleur that there was a need for a jobs platform dedicated to women, where they were given the tools and coaching to develop and grow while also being easily located so potential employers could find them and hire them.

In her search for this freelance talent what Fleur did find was information that female consultants charge up to 38% less than their male counterparts – that was the moment that she knew there was a gap and a need to help women find work with employers that support women at work, level up and get paid what they are worth. But she knew she needed amazing partners on this journey with her to be able to deliver a best-in-class product. Fleur had a long history with both Kirsty and Amanda and brought the trio together. They all brought something different and unique to the table making Freelancing Gems what it is today. Amanda has since moved on in her career.

For both Kirsty and Fleur being working mums also meant they had first-hand experience of knowing many women with children who still had meaningful contributions to make in the workplace, but connecting them with employers or recruiters who appreciated that and supported diversity was critical to the future of work for women.

Both ladies are unapologetic about our mission to help women find more meaningful work and get paid what they are worth and to help employers find this talent more easily. It drives our team every day and is the foundation of our business.

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From PR, marketing and technology backgrounds, our Founders don’t just bring a lot to the table, they bring the whole house.

Fleur Madden CEO
Kirsty Jackson Marketing & Community Director


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