• We champion women in the gig economy. If you are a freelancer, consultant, sole-trader, small business owner or side hustler you have come to the right place.
  • We help women find jobs across ALL industries, we don’t just focus on niche industries.
  • We don’t just help employers find you, we also offer you the tools you need to succeed by way of business tools, coaching and educational and networking opportunities. We are on this journey with you for the long term, not just till you find your next gig.  
  • We don’t take commissions or a cut of the job so employers or recruiters don’t need to worry about paying additional fees.  

Sure you can! How can we be true champions of diversity if we didn’t allow that? However, we are a jobs platform that champions women and marginalized genders so you may find that our content and coaching speaks to the challenges we face specifically as women. Most, if not all of the jobs listed on our platform will no doubt be listed in many other places by employers, so you won’t miss the opportunity to apply. We aren’t about taking anything away from men, we are about creating an equal playing field for women.

  • Because you aren’t just getting access to job opportunities, but also business tools, templates, business coaches and inspiration from our Entrepreneur in Residence.
  • We have monthly learning opportunities you can be part of with guest experts. 
  • You can join our sisterhood program that matches you with a woman on a similar journey to you to give you a leg up.
  • You will have the opportunity to connect with employers directly that you may not have had access to before.
  • You also have the chance to be our Freelancer of the Week and be highlighted across some of our digital assets helping shine a spotlight on your talents. 
  • We are also a community, so our goal is to help each other get to the next level. You won’t feel alone again because someone will have the answers.  
  • We save you time. Access to available talent immediately. Our members list if they are available, actively looking or fully booked so you don’t waste time looking at talent that is not available.
  • You can reach out directly and you keep all the contacts in your dash board.
  • We do not take commissions or a clip of the job so it does not cost you extra to hire a Freelancing Gem.
  • Our community of freelance members are highly engaged and ready to work. But while they are waiting for their next gig we ensure they have access to business tools, templates and learning opportunities ensuring they are at the top of their game when they start in your business.

For freelancers, it is best to select your memberships based on what perks and tools are important to you at the stage you are personally at. You can purchase further tools from the online shop once you are a member.

For employers or recruiters, you should select your membership based on the volume of freelancers you believe you need to connect with each month to find your next hire. We have several packages that speak to small, medium and large businesses. 

It is simple.

  1. You select a membership level you are comfortable with.
  2. Load your profile so employers can find you
  3. Download your business tools 
  4. Start reviewing our job ads 
  5. Connect with employers 
  6. Start work and do an awesome job 

If you identify as a woman or non-binary and offer freelance, consultancy services you should become a member. If you have a product-based business and don’t wish to look for work, but want access to all the tools, learning opportunities and programs we have the “ Pearl” membership for you.

Ensuring our members charge what they are worth is important to us. We do have a rate card that we are always growing and updating. You will receive it when you become a member.

Yes, in most cases to work as a business in Australia you may need register for an ABN.

We would love to partner with like-minded brands so check out our Partnerships tab under About Us and let’s chat about working together.

For sure, check out our Pearl membership. You still get access to our community, events, learning opportunities and you get access to exclusive member only tools and templates that will help you no matter what business you are in.

You can find our privacy policy available here.

Unfortunately not currently. To get access you must be a member, so what are you waiting for?

Great news! You can upgrade your membership from your dashboard. Simply select the ‘manage my membership’ option.

From the login page, select the ‘forgotten password’ option and follow the prompts to reset your password.

Once logged in, go to your dashboard and select the ‘Edit your Profile’ option. You can view more 

The AI-driven technology due to be released mid 2022, will deliver immediate, automatic job matches for you. The more information you share about your services, the stronger your job matches will be, so we’ve added loads more fields to your Gem Profile for you to better showcase your skills.

You can share your:
💎 Business pitch
💎 Career highlights, work history and examples of work
💎 Social media links
💎 Dream client or project
💎 Top 5 career values
💎 Your portfolio as a link or document

All to add to your existing fields including position title, contact details, location, services, industry, payment preferences, and favourite quote.

When you become a member it is an annual commitment. Please notify us in email to members@freelancinggems.com two weeks prior to your membership anniversary and we can cancel your membership if you do not wish to continue.