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Get seen, get work and get paid what you’re worth with Freelancing Gems. When you join you’ll gain instant access to:
  • Showcase your skills with your online profile
  • Apply for new jobs and land your next dream client
  • Rate cards and business templates to give you the confidence to charge what you’re worth
  • Exclusive networking group, events and learning opportunities with expert masterclasses

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It’s fast and simple to start connecting with skilled, available talent now, with options to suit your hiring needs:
  • Subscription: Headhunt for the talent you need, whenever you need with an annual subscription
  • Job Listings: Create a free account and post a job listing when you have a role to fill
  • Bespoke Candidate Service: No time to hunt for the right talent? Leave it to us with our bespoke candidate listings.
  • Diversity and Inclusions Consulting: We support businesses by identifying areas of opportunity to attract, retain and grow your people.

Supporting women at work

Freelancing Gems is Australia’s first digital jobs platform dedicated to female freelancers, consultants, side-hustlers and small business owners.


We provide a central location for employers to connect with skilled talent across all industries while supporting women to get seen, get work and get paid what they’re worth.
The Freelancing Gems membership is
your ultimate business growth tool
with access to work, talent and hands-on,
tailored support.

Building workforces where everyone belongs

Our diversity and inclusion services support businesses to create workplaces where everyone belongs. We are your diversity and inclusion advisory team and true champions of equality.


The employers we work with understand that the future of work has changed. Diverse workforces are statistically higher performing, and our clients are committed to creating workplaces where inclusivity is encouraged, where everyone belongs and where women’s contributions are valued and paid equally.


We are experts in building powerful and progressive workforces and support organisations to be courageous with their people.
We support businesses by identifying
areas of opportunity to attract, retain
and grow your people.

We're making an impact

Alanna Ball, Business Consultant

“12 months ago I felt so isolated in business.


I had an amazing network of safety professionals to lean on but not so much people at the same business stage as me.

2023 I threw myself into Freelancing Gems and have attended as many events both in person and virtually.

What I have learned so far:

  • You get out what you put in. I’ve made the effort to connect with people.
  • As women in business, we wear many many hats and often share the same biz challenges
  • Imposter syndrome is real!


Thanks to Fleur Madden and Kirsty Jackson for all your work bringing such an amazing tribe together.”

How to Start Freelancing in 10 Days

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got the checklist for that. Download this free checklist to gain the steps for how to start a money-making freelancing business in 10 days.

Freelancer Rate Guide Preview

When you join Freelancing Gems you gain instant access to the Freelancer Rate Guide covering over 50 roles across six industries. Get started with a sneak peek at the most popular roles with this free preview.

Is your employer brand costing you?

The New Work Order report, commissioned by Freelancing Gems, explores the deeper needs and wants that are motivating people when it comes to how they work and why they choose the companies they work for and work with.
The New Work* Order examines changes in workplace motivations and identifies strategies for employers to attract, retain and grow diverse workforces.

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Freelancing Gems supports women across all industries

Business Coaching
Graphic Design
Public Relations
Social Media
Digital Marketing
Product Development
Content Creation
Fashion Design
Web Development
Fashion Styling
Set Design
Interior Design
Art Direction
Business Management Consultant
Public Relations
Social Media

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