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About Bodriggy Brewing

Bodriggy Brewpub is a new brewery-home located in Abbotsford culminating in a brewery, brewpub, cocktail bar and recently a Froff Shop (bottle shop) slash Front Bar.

Once upon a time an Auto LP gas converter, the space has been homebase (and basketball court) to Bodriggy since the beginning. Following three years of council applications, permits, and renovating, we rolled up the squeaky roller doors to Abbotsford and beyond.

Bodriggy beer officially launched in 2016 but only started brewing on site in 2018. Our current address, 245 Johnston Street, was one of the first LPG conversion centres in Australia and ran for nearly 40 years. It took the best part of three years to set the entire brewery and venue up to the point in which you see it today.

Abbotsford born and bred, the name itself comes from the original stone mason façade. To us, it reflects unique Aussie lingo and represents the area perfectly.

We’re a locally focussed business; all the beer we make is with the Abbotsford community in mind. As a culturally driven business , we assimilate with the arts and music scene as much as possible, including sponsoring events, gigs and exhibitions mostly around Melbourne’s inner north.

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