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Hey there new mum, I’m Carene…I’ll be honest, early on I struggled. I mean, I had jumped out of planes, trekked through Asian jungles, swam with Piranhas and even with a supportive husband and family nearby, I felt completely overwhelmed.

My baby was too old (a whole 3 months) for the community Mother’s Group… seriously?!! I had questions that needed answering! Does my baby have reflux? What is this rash? Is green poo normal? Why is breastfeeding so **beeping** hard? I was desperate to know if fellow mothers were going through the same thing but could NOT find a group of mums with similar interests anywhere (youΒ know, food, travel, fashion… the normal stuff).

February 2017 I launched Modern Mamas. A new concept giving mums a cool, relaxed space to share experiences, concerns, triumphs, even disasters (we all have them!). Throw in fun activities for Bub, a yummy brunch, coffee and the occasional glass of wine – what more do you need!

Join us for a chat, nibble and play every week at Brisbane’s biggest and most-loved mother’s group.



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If you feel like you can take our story and run with it, we’d love to hear from you! Examples of your work would also be an added bonus.

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