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My childhood was spent on a farm in a small rural community on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia, where I wrangled sheep with my dad, baked, sewed, and crafted with my mum and was a keen netballer.

Scouring the school library shelves for Sweet Valley High romance novels and sneaking a read of Mum’s Mills & Boon books became a favourite pastime in my teens and fuelled my passion for reading and writing.

Nowadays, I live in Adelaide with my two teenage boys, husband, and border collie whose name is Zeb.

After years of nurturing clients in travel, communications and fashion, it was becoming a romance author that set me on the path to what I LOVE to do now.

When I handed in my first manuscript draft, I was somewhat shocked to find out my grammar wasn’t up to scratch, not to mention issues with punctuation, plot and pacing!
But rather than feel defeated, I took it on as a challenge.

It spurred me on to gain my qualifications in editing and publishing as well as proofreading and transcription and establish Nurturing Words.

I now love to support self-published authors, business owners, and entrepreneurs; not to mention students, copywriters, bloggers, scriptwriters, resume writers, and podcasters – anyone who deals with words.

As an editor and proofreader, my ultimate goal is to work with you to produce the best possible manuscript or business communication for you and your audience.

My clients become more confident, feel relieved, in control, and far less pressure.

Don’t risk wasting all your hard work on a book no one reads.

As a professional editor and proofreader, I know what it takes to nurture a manuscript into a masterpiece.

I provide gentle, constructive and insightful feedback and edits … and a lot of suggestions to improve NOT change your story or narrative.

YOUR story and subject matter will be nurtured, and your natural writing style will shine.

Not only that, I offer a FREE sample edit of 1,000 words from your manuscript, so you’ll know we’re an excellent match before making any commitment.

You can’t lose.

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'It's all going to be all right.'
Elizabeth Gilbert
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