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As we round out 2021, we’ve reached out to some of our FG members to share and celebrate their major wins in 2021.

Davina, Strategic Digital Marketer


My win is signing a new client who signed off on my premium pricing. I really believe the behind-the-scenes of me refining my craft is paying off.

Thank you for teaching me to be confident and own my worth.

Kymberly,  Creative Consultant


Taking the leap to freelance full-time after 12 years in an agency role, and having the confidence to just back myself. I surprised myself with my mindset of “I’ve got this and things will work out for me”.  I landed two projects in my first month on FG plus other job leads, which has been a great confidence boost. Learning my value and putting a $ price on the skills I have to offer and getting to choose who I work with and what I work on has been my win for 2021! Self empowerment has been the ultimate achievement for me and I’m excited for 2022 to work on some kick-ass projects!

Vari, Courage Coach & Events Leadership


My podcast!!!! The Courage and Career Show hit over 2,300 downloads and on average over 50 per episode. With no paid marketing, just me and my mic and my amazing guests!

Kim, Australian watercolour botanical artist

My original art sales has increased to a point where I’m now making significant profits! I’m actually selling pieces before they get to the exhibition AND I’m getting a lot of requests for commissions. I didn’t expect to be this busy at this point in my start up. I thought I’d reach this goal by mid next year!! To say I’m damn proud of myself is an understatement

It’s so wonderful to be a part of something special with Freelancing Gems. I met Laura (bossymummy) and she has really given me the skills to kick start my career in art and design!

Codie, Facebook Ads Specialist & Digital Marketer


A win for me has been to finally be in a financial position where I can hire another freelancer to help me in my business!

Jessica, HR Outsourcing / HR Consulting


A huge win was being nominated by clients in our local Whitehorse Awards and receiving second place for the Young Business Owner Award. I went through over 3 hours of interviews and questions to showcase what makes Positive HR different to other HR consulting companies. Another win has been recognised for our articles being published in HRM and SmartCompany.

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