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Kimberlee, is not just your typical tax accountant… She has spent the last 20 years in the tax, accounting and finance industries. Kimberlee was the General Manager for one of the country’s biggest SMSF administration businesses, set up and ran a national specialist division for an international tax return preparation business, and most recently was the COO for a fintech start-up. She is currently working in a full-time capacity for Edible Blooms looking after the finance and accounting division.

Quick Brown Fox Finance is a safe and empowering place for people  (women in particular) to get their tax and accounting done, get help with business start-up and structure issues, and ask questions and take control of something that is really bloody important but can be terribly daunting and overwhelming. Kimberlee considers herself as “your financial hype girl!”. Let’s get to know more about here in our Q & A.

Tell us a little about yourself and your business?

Gem of the Week - Kimberlee

I’m a creative accountant, but not ‘that’ kind of creative accountant.

I’m a CPA and have a law degree, but love interior design, and when asked what I do, I have been told more times than I can count … ‘but you don’t LOOK like an accountant’. So chuffed!

I’ve spent the last 20 years of my professional life working for other people. I was the general manager of a national SMSF (self-managed super fund) accounting business, that had a significant offshore operation. I set up a new division of an international tax company and was involved with a fintech start-up focused on female finance.

I’m 43 and lucky enough to share my house with Chuck Bass the British Blue cat. Am I crazy? Yes, but not a crazy cat lady… yet. I live in Adelaide and enjoy the wine regions, incredible restaurants, and the fact it only takes 15 minutes to get anywhere.

Quick Brown Fox Finance provides tax and accounting services, predominately to women. It’s a mansplaining free zone and aims to empower women when it comes to their finances. I work with individuals, small business owners, start-ups, and not-for-profit organisations.

I also have a side hustle, Pop Rock Park. I love sourcing products and realising my long-held dream of being a professional gift wrapper by packing orders. I’ve also been able to use the business to raise $11,000 for the Letitia Linke Research Foundation, which has been an absolute thrill.

What inspired you to make the leap and go out on your own, and when did you first start working for yourself?

Quick Brown Fox Finance started as a side gig. In all honesty, it was needed to keep up my registered tax agent registration. I mentioned it on social media and was humbled and surprised by the response by people that wanted to work with me.

I’d always wanted to work for myself, but understood the realities of this; there is the luxury of a regular and known income when working for others, plus I was a single woman with a mortgage… and a frequent online shopper. Sure, I know finance, but what is this ‘living on a budget of which you speak?!

I didn’t want to mention the ‘C’ word, but covid and its craziness made me realise I want greater flexibility in my life NOW. I always struggled with the fact I didn’t get married and have kids, but the last couple of years I’ve embraced the incredible life and opportunity that it provides me (Covid aside). Having started working for myself at the end of last year, the best is yet to come.

I come from a family of worker bees, so the concept of working for yourself is not the norm. I am learning to tread a new path. As Glennon Doyle says, ‘This life is mine alone. So I’ve stopped asking people for directions they’ve never been.

Tell us about your experience of working for yourself?

Exciting, exhilarating, daunting, overwhelming! I’m thankful for support networks such as Freelancing Gems to be reminded I’m not alone.

I’m learning that I need to say ‘no’ when I can’t take on any more – it doesn’t help you or the person seeking your services. This is very hard for a ‘yes’ person.

What’s your best piece of advice for someone wanting to make the leap?

Set goals and goalposts.

What’s your advice on setting your price and service offering?

You do not need to be everything to everyone. It’s ok to say no to potential clients/customers.

Set your price and stick to it.

Don’t discount your price or your worth – you will resent doing the work and the client if you undervalue yourself.

You do you boo.

Don’t try and do everything. Concentrate your time and efforts doing what you do best and what earns you the $$$. Get a great group of experts in their respective fields to help and support you. Think bookkeeper, graphic designer, digital marketing specialist, virtual assistant – this is their specialty, take advantage of that.

Best tips for winning new business?

Be yourself. It’s exhausting trying to be something that you are not.

Remember the ‘under promise, over deliver’ concept. It sounds bad, but try to keep expectations real. We all want to do our best for our clients, but let’s be kind to ourselves and give ourselves some space for the unexpected.

What has been your favourite project to date?

I am currently engaged as the Finance Manager on a contract basis with Edible Blooms. Female founded and managed, with an incredible team and product. I love contributing to their business and am learning so much as well.

What is a business win you’re currently celebrating?

I’m a numbers person but I also need to scratch that creative itch! Having clients that are interior designers, photographers, studio owners, wedding celebrants, gin makers, designers – it just feels too good to be true. I get to be a part of their business, and it’s such a thrill. That’s cause enough for current and constant celebration.

What led you to join Freelancing Gems?

I came across a free webinar Freelancing Gems ran on superannuation and, despite border closures, managed to attend Gem Con in 2021, as my employer at the time was a sponsor. The content was fabulous, I met some incredible women working for themselves, and the Freelancing Gems team was amazing. When I went full-time with Quick Brown Fox Finance, joining was a no-brainer.

What is one word you would use to describe Freelancing Gems?


What’s next for your business?

That’s a very good question – I’ve got a few thoughts and they are all in very different directions. Watch this space.

For so many of us, tax and finance is scary, confusing, and full of mansplaining but Kimberlee is here to help you. You can connect with her on the Gem Directory. Not a member? Join now.

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