Investment 101 for Women: How to Buy Your First Share

with Wadzanai Nenzou, CEO of Herconomics

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Investment 101: Buy Your First Share

About the Author:

Wadzanai Nenzou AKA Wadzi is the Founder & CEO of Herconomics a mission-driven company that is focused on empowering women to build their personal wealth.  She teaches Australian women who want to invest in shares but feel intimidated to buy their first share. Through her Herconomics Share Investors Course she has so far taught dozens upon dozens of Australian women and counting how to start investing in shares over the long term so they can have financial autonomy, peace of mind and ultimately build a lasting financial legacy for their loved ones and community. 

Gems, have you thought about potentially investing in the share market but feel too intimidated and don’t know where to start?

Well, you are far from the only person who feels this way. A lot of ladies feel the same.

I am very passionate to make investing in the share market more accessible to Aussie ladies. I have worked in the financial services industry for more than 15 years and have seen the power of long-term share investing in building personal wealth. I really don’t want women to leave money on the table because they feel too intimidated.

There is a lot of noise out there and it is hard to know where to start.

From my own personal experience and from working in the industry the following are some key steps I think are vital to take before investing in your first share.

By the way, you don’t have to take these steps to start investing. You can go out right now and buy your first share without worrying about taking any added steps. However, I think not taking these key steps increases your chance of losing some or all your money as well as being very stressed out in the process.

6 Steps to Buying your first Direct Share

Step 1 Get Your Mindset Right

One of the most important elements to doing well in share investing is your psychology. In fact, I will put it out there that I think it is the most important part as you can have all the knowledge in the world but if you do not have the correct psychological traits, you will not be able to handle the sharemarket and its ebbs and flows in a calm manner. I like to focus on psychological traits like curiosity, humility, patience, logic, and calm when it comes to important elements to cultivate in yourself. These are the traits that successful share investors like Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger have and try to constantly cultivate.

Step 2 Learn the important basics of share investing

Before you jump into investing your hard-earned money get some basic foundational education on share investing. I can’t tell you how many people buy their first share and have no idea regarding below

  • What exactly is a Share?
  • How does the Sharemarket work?
  • The Risks and Benefits of investing in shares
  • Creating a basic Investment Philosophy
  • Creating a basic investment strategy
  • Understanding your risk tolerance level
  • Learning when to potentially sell shares
  • Keeping track of your shares
  • Record Keeping
  • How to Choose companies to invest in (Your Uncle Bob at the BBQ does not count as a source of where to invest your hard-earned money especially if he does not have any experience or knowledge in the area)

I don’t believe you have to reach Einstein level when it comes to understanding the share market for you to buy your first share but I think it bodes well for any future success to understand some important basics to start with and then learn more as you go.

Step 3 Register with a Stockbroker

This step is self-explanatory you need to register with a stockbroker to invest in direct shares. To buy shares on the ASX you need a stockbroker you can’t buy shares directly from the stock exchange.

There are 2 types of stockbrokers available to you discount brokers and full-service brokers. The best one depends on you and your personal context, experience, time, and financial situation to name a few things.

Step 4 Develop a basic investment strategy to begin with

Before you start buying shares willy nilly its important to have a clear investment strategy in place. This can change in time so don’t be stressed about being perfect in the beginning. To figure out the strategy that will work for you it’s important to understand your investment goals, investment timeframe, risk level tolerance and your temperament.

Step 5 Choose a company to invest in

It’s vital to know how to research companies. A lot of people buy a company share because their friend bought it or because someone at a BBQ mentioned it or because of some hype in the media but they have no idea about the company’s fundamentals and future growth potential.

Step 6 Buy your first share

Finally, after you have chosen a company to invest in you can use your online trading platform or full-service broker to place your trade.

These steps are meant to give you a starting point regarding your share investing journey. To learn more in-depth information regarding these steps as well as where to get further education come to my webinar on Tuesday 8th February 1 pm AEDT. See you there lovelies 😊 – Wadzanai Nenzou

We hope you will join us for this masterclass on Tuesday, 8 February at 12 PM AEST (1 PM AEDT).

Date: Tuesday, 8th February 2022
Time: 12 PM AEST // 1 PM AEDT
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