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At Freelancing Gems, it’s our mission to support more women to find meaningful work opportunities and to charge what they are worth. As we celebrate our first birthday and reflect on our first 12-months in business, we’re even more passionate about the impact we’re delivering for the women and Australian employers we support. 

‘Where Are They Now’ is a blog series about our members, the freelancers and the employers, how they’ve come to connect with each other at Freelancing Gems, and the magic they’re creating together. 

Meet the ladies from Bloom Money, an accounting firm helping businesses gain financial clarity with the help of Digital Marketing Specialist, Melissa from Adjective Digital.

Jaimie and Olivia at Bloom were really looking for a marketing expert to support their accounting business. With Freelancing Gems, they found Melissa, who was the perfect fit for their business needs. Melissa is a digital marketer and eCommerce strategist with over 10 years of experience in the industry. She comes from a sales background and is all about results! 

We sat down with both Jaimie and Melissa to hear about how they first connected and where that initial spark has taken them.

Jaimie, what was Bloom Money searching for when you first joined Freelancing Gems?

“Bloom was really in need of an expert in the digital marketing area to support us. We were feeling a bit overwhelmed when it came to marketing, reaching our audience, how to build an email list, and all things social media. We really wanted an all-rounder that felt like an extension of our team.”

After attending a recent coworking day with the Freelancing Gems team, the ladies at Bloom decided the FG community was the right place to find their digital marketer. The ladies posted a job listing on the FG Jobs Board and eagerly awaited the applications. 

“Listing the role in a few clicks was a really seamless process and we loved that we received an email notification each time someone applied.”

“It was super difficult to choose a freelancer from an incredibly talented pool however Mel’s skill set and wealth of experience in digital marketing just matched perfectly with our needs.”

“When we spoke on the phone we actually realised we had connected in other ways before!”

Tell us about your working relationship with Mel and how that’s impacting your business.

“Mel is the queen of digital marketing. She has been SO helpful with everything – writing blogs, what to post on different social platforms, helping us understand what type of ads we need to reach our audience.”

“Our business has grown SO much since Mel came on board and we feel like she is just a member of our team now.”

“We even go to networking events together!”

What would you say to another business owner looking for talent?

“There are so many talented freelancers on the Freelancing Gems platform. I’d highly recommend this platform when you are ready to start outsourcing things you dislike (or are not good at) to help your business grow and succeed.”

Bloom Money
Bloom will help your business gain clarity around the numbers and you’ll be kicking financial goals in no time. – Jaimie & Liv, Bloom Money
Melissa, what were you searching for when you first joined Freelancing Gems?

“There were a few reasons why I joined Freelancing Gems which included networking and being a part of a community.”

“I know that my team and I have a lot to offer, it’s just finding the right platform to help more people and Freelancing Gems was one of those platforms for us. It has helped with networking and meeting more like-minded freelancers and small business owners.”

“I love the fact that we have met new clients through Freelancing Gems and also found Gems ourselves to grow our team!”

“The job application process is very simple, much easier than other platforms. I like that you see exactly who the job application is going to via email and that there is an introduction process set up.”

How did it feel to gain the work with Bloom Money?

“Gaining work with Bloom Money was fantastic. Meeting like-minded female small business owners that had a great brand and vision, what a huge bonus! I really enjoyed working on their social organic and guiding them through REELS which they are pros at! Plus giving them a balanced approach with Facebook ads, blog articles, email marketing setup, and website tweaks.”

Tell us about your working relationship with Bloom Money and how that’s impacting your business.

“It was such a great time working with Bloom Money as they are money bosses in their own right. Besides getting all their tips with money management, they know who their audience and target market is and they niched their business accordingly which I have definitely taken learnings from.”

Tips: Know your audience and cater to their needs and if you have a mix of clients, figure out which client is your ultimate client and project that to the wider world, this is what you’ll attract!

What would you say to another woman thinking about joining?

“Don’t hesitate, join! Freelancing Gems is perfect for females who are looking for extra work (and even full-time roles). It’s much more personal from a job application perspective and you have a higher chance of being noticed and finding the right clients for you. Plus you’ll be part of a wider community of Gems that will always support you and will want you to succeed.”

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